Peng Jian was born in Yueyang, Hunan Province in 1982. He graduated with an MFA from the China Academy of Art at Hangzhou in 2013, where he works and lives.


Peng Jian harnesses the classical Chinese architectural style of“jiehua” to form grids and interlocking blocks of colour and shape. A shift has emerged in recent years, where the angularity of Rubik’s cubes and books has yielded ground to voluptuous objects including glass bottles, cogs, wheels, and balls. Interested in glass blowing since 2006, Peng Jian observes the crossroads between western and eastern perspectives that the subtleties of his work convey: “the bottle in the painting, although it is not a classic form, embodies the pureness and simplicity of contemporary art, while incorporating the refined atmosphere of traditional Chinese Song painting.”


Peng Jian’s works are collected by the Today Art Museum and the Liu Haisu Art Museum among other institutions. Recent solo shows include Hard Edge (2020), Harmony (2019) at Ora-Ora, and Ten Miles Away (2017) at Hong Kong’s Liang Yi Museum. He regularly forms part of Ora-Ora’s Art Basel Hong Kong exhibitions, including from 2016 to 2019 and in 2021.