Poetic Enigma II: NFT Exhibition

24 January - 13 February 2022
Ora-Ora is pleased to announce an exciting two-part exhibition of leading-edge Non-Fungible Token (‘NFT’) artworks, entitled Poetic Enigma. Poetic Enigma I is already open at Q9 Crypto Hub until January 21, featuring NFT innovators such as Peng Jian, Cindy Ng and Ernest Chang among others. The venue for Poetic Enigma II is Ora-Ora’s Tai Kwun gallery space, where it will run from January 17 to February 13
Poetic Enigma alludes to a tendency to romanticize that which we do not understand or cannot directly experience, giving full rein to the attractions of mystery, the unattainable and the unrequited. Fast technological change habitually stands in opposition to this tendency, often provoking feelings of disturbance, disorientation or resentment outside the circle of trusted initiates. Poetic Enigma places innovation in our immediate and familiar orbit. In so doing, it invites visitors to dispel suspicion and give way to naivety, wonderment and romance, mindfully deferring understanding and revelling in sensory abandonment.
Ora-Ora’s quest to the frontiers of the possible is embodied at the beginning of 2022 by this two-part exploration at the forefront of the ever-changing NFT landscape. The combination of artistic and technological pioneering forms the springboard for the ingenious, the unforeseen and the deftly innovative. 
Installation Views