Galerie Ora-Ora is a research-based Asian contemporary fine art gallery specializing in Contemporary Ink, sculptures, and the discovery of emerging talents. Since inception, they have grown to manage nearly 40 veteran artists from around the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, China and Hong Kong. They believe art should transcend times, and Ora-Ora or 'from era to era' embodies that mission.


Ora-Ora has been a dedicated sponsor of Chinese Contemporary Ink since the art form's early developments. They represent a number of these key prodigies within their network of corporate and private collectors. Through their extensive participation at art events across Asia and internationally, Ora-Ora has earned a reputation of being passionate about its art’s quality and timelessness.


Henrietta Tsui-Leung, Ora-Ora’s co-founder, has been focused on contributing to the local art scene for over a decade via sponsoring cultural initiatives and charity events. With an aim to create a strong and vibrant art community, she also co-founded the HK Art Gallery Association.





Henrietta is the founder and co-president of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association and the owner of Galerie Ora-Ora, one of the leading galleries in Hong Kong for Chinese and Western contemporary art.  Since inception, Ora-Ora has grown to manage nearly 40 veteran artists from around the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, China and Hong Kong. Henrietta is an expert in Contemporary Ink Art and curates state-of-the-art exhibitions in Hong Kong and Beijing approximately once every 2-months.  Her gallery participated in numerous Art Fairs inclusive of Art Basel Hong Kong, Art HK, Fine Art Asia, Art Asia Miami, Art Singapore and Young Art Taipei etc.


Henrietta’s background is multi-disciplinary.   Before she took up her passion in art, she spent 11 years in the banking industry with Citigroup and HSBC, with specialisation in corporate finance, public sector, real estate and top-tiers local corporations. Currently, Henrietta is completing her PhD degree in Art Critic and Theory in Shanghai University. She also holds an MBA degree from Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University, and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Economics from Queens University. She is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Hong Kong.  Throughout her childhood, she was immersed in art and was trained in different media including oils, pastel, Chinese painting and sketching.


Due to her unique background in business and art, she has been widely invited to speak and write academic papers on Contemporary Ink, art market, art investments, valuation, art licensing, art finance.