21 March - 23 April 2016

For this year’s Art Gallery Night, Ora-Ora will present “Cha-Na” as a continuation of our exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016.


Cha-Na is the study of the instance, its nature, importance, reflections, iterations and incarnations. Philosophers believe the instance is sacred and has fundamental importance to understanding the existence of the past, present and future.


Artists Halley Cheng, Huang Dan, Peng Jian, Peng Wei and Zhang Yanzi will bring to life the intricate connection between the instance and Chinese Contemporary Ink, which also embodies the understanding of the past, present and future through heritage, persistence and vision. While Cha-Na freezes an instance of serenity from the random chaos in life, Contemporary ink, with its “a la prima” characteristics, also cuts out a sliver of the artist’s emotion, thoughts and passion.

Installation Views