Art Big Bang: March



Hong Kong 01


More than 3 billion years ago, the universe is but a micro singular dot of measureless weight. There is no starry sky, nor diverse life circle. Until the big bang, the infinite universe in which we are dwelling emerges gradually. Art Basel Hong Kong, developed from Art HK, in my opinion, is the Big Bang for Hong Kong Art world. Although ABHK, as an Art market, is inevitably affected by the greedy smell of profit-seeking, the glow this explosion brings to Hong Kong is too glamorous to over-look. Apart from the main exhibition at HKCEC, there are numerous smaller shows scattered in places like Central, Shueng Wan, and Wong Chuk Hang. This Big Bang transforms the landscape of Art in Hong Kong. Would you lose your direction navigating in such a rich jungle of art?   

March 11, 2016