(Hong Kong Arts Month) The most concentrated art space in Central



Once galleries were blooming in the city of Hong Kong, yet, normally with locations rather far away from the crowd. Ever since the inauguration of H Queen’s in Central, with all the famous galleries gathering here. The great news for every art lovers in town is that not only how convenient and just on the doorstep the location is, but also the stratospheric quality of works all the galleries are presenting. 


As a famous local gallery, Gallerie Ora-Ora is presenting the works from eight mainland Chinese and Hong Kong contemporary artists for this coming show, together with the photography of the works of "King of Kowloon”. The exhibition have not only discussed the interrelation between art and literature, but also demonstrated the origins and threads of the development of contemporary ink art.


There are perhaps, boundaries in languages, but there are no walls in arts. The exhibition has demonstrated the universality of arts, in ways to explain the uniqueness of this medium. At first glance, Zhang Yanzi’s A Rockery seems to be stating that “literature is useless”, questioning the definition of and lines between “classic” and “rubbish”. Peng Jian’s Composition piled up the books where there’s no scenery or characters. Books, therefore, lose their literary meanings, left with merely its visual elements. Together with Peng Jian’s vibrant, playful use of colours, it draws the audience to reflect on the nature of books. 

March 16, 2018