15 - 18 December 2016

Galerie Ora-Ora invites the visitor on a journey of celebration into the rich imaginations of our pioneering contemporary ink artists. Artists committed to actualizing their most modern, vivid dreams through a classical lens. Artists who converse across the millennia. Artists whose spirit of enquiry, re-invention and historical inspiration unify them with each other, and with all of us.


At Ink Asia 2016, Galerie Ora-Ora will be presenting a selection from among the pre-eminent exponents of the contemporary ink movement. Let variety be the focus, and abundance the reward: those on show will include Huang Dan, whose striking equestrian images blur dream and memory; Chan Keng Tin, whose colour palette enchants the mountains with a mystical aura; Hung Keung, whose spiritual energy fuses the earthly with the divine; and Li Huayi, whose landscapes rescale the lofty heights of ancient, classical mastery.