Art Basel Hong Kong 2017: Perceptions

23 - 25 March 2017

In current society, our perceptions, as a reflection of the soul’s independence are often overlooked and marginalized, whether methodically silenced through self-censorship and peer pressure, or voluntarily surrendered to skin-deep consumerism and apathy. Perceiving without processing becomes like catching water with your bare hands, with no trace or value remaining after the brief encounter. 


Succeeding from our ABHK16 exhibition “Cha-Na”, Ora-Ora’s curation for this year’s “Perceptions” shifts to focus on the conscious and cultural discourse between Chinese contemporary art, which has evolved from centuries of legacy, wisdom and toil, and international paradigms. Through superimposing powerful and distilled visions from achieved artists grounded in the contemporary Chinese culture, against the framed perceptions from international viewers at Art Basel, “Perceptions” aims to sensitize the interactions between the viewers and the artists, and highlight the importance of differing perceptions.

Installation Views