Art15 London

21 - 23 May 2015

Ora-Ora participated at Art15 London from 21-23 May and the show was well received by both local and international audiences. We were delighted to stage the works of renowned Chinese artists such as Peng Jian, Peng Wei, Zhang Yanzi and Cai Zhisong, and also local talents such as Kum Chi Keung, Man Fung Yi, Nina Pryde and Halley Cheng. We were praised for our curation and bringing something distinctive to the fair. In addition to the displayed artworks, Ora-Ora also put a lot of effect into researching Chinese and British literature and created a literary journey timeline specially for the exhibition. From the evolution of text and paper making, to Four Books and Five Classics, Old English literature to Shakespeare’s plays, Ora-Ora aims to present to the international audiences a comparative study on the development of Chinese and British literature, but at the same time exploring the fascinating world of the literati. 

Installation Views