ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

8 - 12 November 2017


Galerie Ora-Ora's show The Invisible Thread forms a landscape of our age: Will Clift's forms emphasize how line and space may become integrated into modern humanity, into our sense of selves, inhaling and exhaling with us. In his words, they "stand or suspend together in equilibrium. No part is extraneous, and the delicacy of this balance reveals the fine line between weight and weightlessness, motion and stillness."


As the journey continues, Peng Jian's jiehua paintings act as a bridge from the classical past to the disordered, colourful vibrancy of the present. Crossing this bridge is an active choice by the visitor to engage with this world of conflicting viewpoints, and seek geometric order from this dissonant abstraction.


As we wind through new paintings by Huang Dan, addressing tangled isolation, we are confronted with our common concerns: our sense of separation from others, feelings of emptiness or sequestration, our simultaneous union with, and distance from, the natural world.


Here, the invisible thread seems to carry us towards hope, and communality. The thread leads us to Zhang Yanzi, whose lovingly rendered depictions of the minutest life forms put us in touch with our evolutionary essence - harnessing "eternal properties of a serene abstraction".


Join us in Shanghai at Booth E-06, Shanghai Exhibition Center to find out more.