Leung, Gabriel Sze Ming 梁思鳴


Gabriel Leung Sze Ming (b. 1983, Hong Kong) received his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Tyler School of Art (Temple University), USA in 2005 and Master in Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom in 2009.


Leung has exhibited at galleries and exhibitions, both locally and overseas, including Beyond the Zone at Galerie Ora-Ora (Hong Kong, 2015), And with the Benefit of Hindsight at Gallery Exit (Hong Kong, 2014), An Eye for An I at New City Space (Glasgow, 2014), How Many Shades Would an Artist Pack on Holidays at Neoterismoi Toumazou & Αλάς (Cyprus, 2013), Beyond the Wall – 2012 Jeonju Photo Festival (South Korea, 2012) and Magic Hour at Kyoto Royal Hotel Gallery (Japan, 2011).


He has received various awards and scholarships for his artistic achievements, such as Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (2011) and Calumet Photographic Award (USA, 2005). Apart from being an artist, Leung has been involved in a number of curatorial projects, including Mode of By-Production at Floor 5 ½ (Hong Kong, 2014) and Perfectly Situated at New City Space (Glasgow, 2013).