Xu Hongfei was born in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province in 1963. He graduated from the sculpture department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. He lives and works in Guangzhou.


His female sculptures joyfully celebrate both body positivity and a challenge to pre-conceived ideas of female beauty. His influences include Renaissance artists such as Titian and Rubens who often portrayed female beauty in an abundance of skin, flesh, and curves. His sculptures appear light and in joyous flight above earthly cares. They have been shown in the west in locations including The Louvre, Paris and by the Thames in London.


His works are in the collection of the National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Art Museum, Jiangsu Art Museum and Zhejiang Art Museum among others. In 2019, Chubby Sun – Xu Hongfei's Sculpture World Tour to Russia began at the Repin Institute of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. It featured 44 new works by Xu Hongfei. In the same year, he continued the world tour with exhibitions in Kobe, Japan.