Ernest Chang


Born in the 90s, Ernest Chang is a Chinese-American multidisciplinary artist with deuteranopia (red-green color-blindness) with his studio in Hong Kong. Chang was born in Tampa, Florida and moved to Hong Kong when he was young where he was raised in a bi-cultural family. He studied photography briefly at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong until he dropped out before receiving his degree to pursue his art full-time. Which, in 2014, inspired him to open The Stallery, a hybrid gallery and studio for creating art and exhibiting local artists on Wanchai’s historic Stone Nullah Lane where Chinese and Western cultures constantly fuse and collide.


Chang sees the vibrantly global metropolis that is Hong Kong from a unique perspective, one which imbues his creative practice with a heavy use of cutting-edge visual media, digital platforms, futuristic compositional elements, as well as heightened color contrasts and contours. His works investigate the under-examined societal tensions in contemporary city-life and consumerism, in which technology is becoming ever more personal and interpersonal. 


Chang has exhibited his mixed media works in solo exhibitions at venues such as the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair (2015), the Hong Kong Correspondent’s Club (2016), Harley-Davidson of Hong Kong (2017), KONG Art Space (2018) and Ethos (2019); with group exhibitions at The Stallery (2019-2020), Hong Kong Arts Collective (2019), Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (2019) and Detour at PMQ (2020) alongside prominent local and international artists. Most notably in September 2016, his exhibition of fine art photographs taken inside the original Blue House before its renovations began won wide acclaim. And in 2018, his series ‘Tear & Consume: An Art Experiment’ pioneered the first exhibition in Hong Kong where you can touch and destroy his paintings.