Stephen Thorpe


Contemporary British artist Stephen Thorpe is known for his interior-based paintings. The works are a visual manifestation of an ongoing and in-depth self-analysis of the personal and collective unconscious mind – what Carl Jung termed ‘'individuation.’ In basic terms, the rooms are the mind. Drawing on psychoanalysis, sociology, folklore, mythology and the reality of myth, Thorpe’s intricately composed paintings are at once representational and abstract. This duality is present throughout all aspects of his work, from the painterly process – distinct applications of paint, one visceral and physical, and the other contemplative and controlled – to the chosen subject matter, encompassing busy patterns, half-familiar objects and skewed perspectives juxtaposed with quiet, singular planes of colour.Mining a reservoir of emotions, thoughts, dreamsand memories, while appropriating various symbols, archetypes, cultures, religions, patternsand textures, Thorpe’s work presents a rich tapestry of fragmented imagery. As he notes, “both processes – the process of individuation and the process of painting – are aimed at unveiling a deeper truth and understanding of oneself.”   


Stephen Thorpe (b. 1981, Margate, UK) is currently based in Hong Kong. Thorpe received his MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in London and is currently a Professor of Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He has been the recipient of numerous prizes, including the Basil H. Alkazzi Foundation Scholarship; Saatchi’s Showdown Prize, judged by Kristine Roepstorff and Matthias Weisher; prize winner of 3 rd Ward Open Call, Brooklyn, New York; and the Royal Scottish Academy’s The Skinny Award. His work is included in prominent private and museum collections and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at Saatchi Gallery, London; Denny Dimin Gallery, New York; Copeland Gallery, London; Summerhall, Edinburgh; the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; and Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, amongst others. He sits on the Selection Committee for the Basil H. Alkazzi Scholarship Award and the Ali H. Alkazzi Scholarship at the Royal College of Art, as well as the Outstanding Student Award in Hong Kong.