Fine Art Asia 2014: Wucius Wong & Nina Pryde Joint Exhibition

3 - 7 October 2014

Recognized for their continuous passion and dedication to the development of contemporary ink, 2014 has been an exceptional year for Galerie Ora-Ora.  Presenting a groundbreaking contemporary ink exhibition programme back in May, Ora-Ora worked with important names within Asian contemporary art, including acclaimed Chinese artist Xu Lei and curator of the Shanghai Art Museum Lu Huan, to bring forth an unparalleled collection of contemporary ink works to Hong Kong audiences. The programme not only caught the attention and garnered praise internationally, but also further acknowledged Ora-Ora’s caliber and expertise in this field. Maintaining this momentum, Ora-Ora is next proud to present a joint exhibition featuring contemporary ink master Mr. Wucius Wong and his esteemed protégé Ms. Nina Pryde at Fine Art Asia 2014. Celebrating the flair of our local artistic talents, this unprecedented exhibition will showcase the works of both teacher and former apprentice, presenting a rare and unique opportunity to witness their individual pursuits of shui mo (water ink) alongside each other at Hong Kong’s homegrown fair.

Installation Views