Ora-Ora Publications

  • Xiao Xu — Streams of Eventide
    In 2018, Ora-Ora held a solo exhibition for contemporary artist Xiao Xu - Streams of Eventide, which offers the audience a different artistic experience and allows them to discover the infinite possibilities of contemporary ink. The exhibition investigated the contingent landscape between reality and illusion, filling the pictorial surface with glaciers and mazes. Through this dreamy depiction, Xiao questioned and reflected on the diversity of human nature. 
    As an extension of the themes explored in the exhibition, Ora-Ora presents the accompanying book, also titled Streams of Eventide. With an assortment of articles and an extensive Q&A with the artist, the book not only allows audiences to further examine and understand Xiao’s creative process, but provides an opportunity for readers to deeply appreciate the essence of Xiao’s aesthetics.