Ora-Ora Live — Episode Six: Interview with Artist Nina Pryde

May 21, 2020

This episode, Ora-Ora accompanies Hong Kong artist Nina Pryde for an excursion to Sharp Island, as she discusses her art-making as a painter, collage artist, and photographer.
Nina Pryde is a modern artist, and a thoroughly modern Hong Kong artist at that. Although she works primarily in ink, her newer mixed-media works now incorporate increasing colour and veer towards the semi-abstract, infusing elements that draw from Western influences such as expressionism, impressionism, and abstraction.
Born in 1945, on the day when Hong Kong was liberated from Japan's occupation, Nina Pryde grew up as one of nine children. She left school early to play her part in raising what was a large family in difficult financial circumstances. At the age of 13, she received a second-hand vintage camera from her relatives, she started her photography as a steppingstone to develop her aesthetics sense. Throughout this time, Art was a passion, and she was later to develop this at an academic level, studying fashion design and pottery. Pryde joined a Masters course in fine arts jointly run by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Hong Kong School of Art from which she graduated in 2007 with the Outstanding Student Award for her work, "The Sound of Silence".
Her works have been exhibited in Taipei Dangdai (2019), Tokyo Art Fair (2018) , Art15, London (2015), Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong (2014) and others. Pryde was also a finalist at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards in 2009.