Galerie Ora-Ora opens Nina Pryde’s solo exhibition ‘Infinity’

Galerie Ora-Ora is presenting Hong Kong-based artist Nina Pryde’s third main exhibition with the gallery. Infinity on view from July 16 through August 17. Infinity features a career-defining collection of landscape and semi-abstract landscape ink works, focusing on the versatility of Nina Pryde’s art-making as painter, calligrapher, collage artist, and photographer. Pryde is a modern artist, and a thoroughly modern Hong Kong artist at that. Although she works primarily in ink, her newer mixed-media works now incorporate increasing colour and veer towards the semi-abstract, infusing elements that draw from Western influences such as expressionism, impressionism, and abstraction. As the title suggests, nothing is out of range: the exhibition explores the infinite possibilities of not only her various talents and positive approach, but celebrates her coming


July 22, 2019