“Amplified”: a dialogue between Finnish artist Juri Markkula and Macau artist Cindy Ng Sio-Ieng at Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong – Part I


Art Radar


While many exhibitions showcase works from one artist or a group of artists with works shared by a similar theme, Galerie Ora-Ora presents something novel this summer: a two-part exhibition – “Amplified” – that brings together works by Sweden-based, Finnish artist Juri Markkula and Beijing-based, Macau artist Cindy Ng Sio-Ieng. The series started with the first module, “Amplified (I)”, focusing on the works by Markkula and presenting Ng’s works as a supportive narrative to amplify the visual conversation between the two. In the second module, “Amplified (II)”, the roles of the two artists’ works are then switched, introducing a different and interesting perspective for the audience to experience the works by each artist. Art Radar took a look at the first module of the exhibition and learned about the works by the artist Juri Markkula.


When being asked about the process of putting the show together and any particular challenges encountered, Henrietta Tsui-Leung further highlighted:

Both of them (the artists) are absolutely professional. No temper and they will not have any surprises. The challenge was whether Juri could actually take the stress of producing the number of works within such short period of time. As he mentioned, he created the machine by himself and he only has one machine. Also, he comes from far North and the lifestyle speed there is slower. Just these few pieces (in the exhibition) took him days and nights to create. The bigger piece took one month to complete and the smaller piece took two weeks. Yet, we don’t want the Hong Kong audience to wait. Therefore, we put in the effort to make sure he (the artist) is not over-stressed. Now, seeing the exhibition, the result is wonderful.

July 27, 2018