Zhang Yanzi’s ‘Healing’ solo series arrived Edinburgh and Bath


Phoenix Art


Both of Zhang Yanzi solo exhibitions A Quest for Healing and A Quest for Wellness have recently kicked off in the city of Edinburgh and Bath. Both of the Artist’s solo show have illustrated Zhang’s long developed artistic philosophy and logic, this have brought the British art world and public a fresh consolidation of traditional Chinese ink and medical science. The deeply imbedded Eastern philosophy and artistic style of the exhibition serise have attracted a fair amount of visitors and media, including parliamentarian, Wera Hobhouse, who has an art background.

The principal of both of Zhang’s solo show are about ‘Healing’ , not only the idea of healing on a medical therapy level, but the whole relationship, to an extent, it could be a form of conversation between entity and entity, societies, countries and different beliefs. The nature of Confucianism is about “Self-cultivation, family, governance, and peace”. In other words, you, as an entity are directly affecting your surrounded community, or even the whole world. To Zhang, art is also a form of healing, it subtly invigorating the whole nature in the process.

May 10, 2018