What’s Inside H Queen’s: The first exclusive art and lifestyle tower in the world

Lifestyle Asia 


As Hong Kong art lovers hotly anticipating the city’s biggest week of art coming up with the arrival of Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Central at the end of the month, galleries have been busy preparing for their concurrent openings all over town. But none has received quite so much fanfare and attention as the newly launched H Queen’s, Central’s newest gleaming tower dedicated to art and lifestyle, arguably the first of its kind in the world. 


It’s been a long-held debate whether the incoming wave of international art galleries has negatively impact the local art scene, with many expressing concern about the lack of Hong Kong local representation. At H Queen’s, Galerie Ora-Ora is the only gallery that was born and cultivated in Hong Kong. Some, however, find it a sign of a healthy and robust world-class art scene.

March 16, 2018