H Queen’s ready to soar




On January 27th, Davos, Switzerland has just witnessed the end of the World Economic Forum, where the political and economic leaders around the globe gathered to discuss the global, eco-political issues. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, there’s a butterfly fluttering its wings. When the Belgian artist Michaël Borremans’ solo exhibition “Fixture” opens, a butterfly effect is initiated and generated, signalling the its significant influence on the Asian art world. The fluttering wings, the solo exhibition is located in 80 Queen’s Road Central, “H Queen’s”. The exact location of the fluttering wings, the venue of the solo exhibition, being 80 Queen’s Road Central, is called “H Queen’s”. This commercial building which has claimed to be designed for arts, neighbours Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, The Landmark and the Entertainment Building, located in the most prestigious area in Hong Kong. A number of space have already been occupied by eight art organisations within the 24-storeys building, including some of the internationally renowned galleries. Three have rented a two-floor space. 


Although the local Galerie Ora-Ora  is a rather small scaled gallery, Henrietta Tsui-Leung as the co-founder of the gallery, is progressive with her ambitions. She determines to rise on the best exhibiting platform with the artists and to bring them the spotlight. H Queen’s definitely is the best stage in the city so far. Galerie Ora-Ora has joined Art Basel for six years on a roll now and each proposal to the Art Basel team have enhanced the constitutional nature of the gallery. She commented on the move into H Queens: “As gallery, we cannot stay comfortably in the 1000 square foot space in Central and ask for artistic improvement. We must jump out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, and grow with the artist.” With Kristine Lee’s continuing support and promotion for the local artists, Galerie Ora-Ora was able to rent for half of the space on the floor. She is going to be the neighbour of the most distinguished galleries and compete on the same stage. There’re now only three floors that haven’t been occupied, who else would join H Queen’s to be on the top? Would it be upstairs, or downstairs? Some galleries might as well take a great leap, and rise.

March 5, 2018