Macau Contemporary Art Now


Sing Tao Daily


When it comes to Macau, besides hotels, food and casinos, would you ever think of art? Galerie Ora-Ora has brought us diversified ink exhibitions over the years, and this time, she organises Trace Element – Macau Contemporary Art Now, Hong Kong, the exhibition brings forth representative works of seven influential Macau talents to our Hong Kong audiences.


The generation of exhibited artists ranges from post-60s to 90s, and among all, Konstantin Bessmertny, an internationally renowned Russian artist who has lived in Macau for many years, is probably more well-known for locals as his artworks were exhibited several times in Hong Kong. The set of drawings by Pakeong, who is also the founder and leading vocalist of the rock band, Blademark, shows a strong sense of street art and each drawing can be seen as a song.

December 3, 2015