Boundary - Huang Dan Solo Exhibition

15 Février - 13 Mai 2017

Is the end of the narrative when the real adventure begins? Pairings, partnerships, families – the narrative torrent of life streams along familiar lines. There is little resistance to the all-consuming force. And yet, some escape the flow: a solitary figure at the cliff edge, motionless, merging into the wilderness.


Galerie Ora-Ora presents “Boundary,” a solo show by Beijing-based artist Huang Dan, a series of paintings in her signature liquid blue, arid orange and shimmering black and white.


“Boundary” explores the resting point when the forward motion of life is suspended, and we are no longer dynamic protagonists dictating events. When the story is on pause, we turn inwards. What awaits us there is the inner landscape: perhaps a barren wilderness, a bleak steppe of our own introspection, or a warm, bright solitude free from anxiety.


Huang Dan’s watchful figures have reached the end of narrative. The artist’s journey towards abstraction begins with physical passivity, a psychological, chasmic plunge over the cliff edge, a lonely investigation of ourselves. What happens now? 

Vues de l'exposition