24 February - 10 April 2022

Ora-Ora is pleased to announce a thrilling two-part exhibition in its new Tai Kwun gallery, curated by Sovereign Art prize finalist Gary Mok Wai Hong and entitled Thesis/Antithesis


The exhibition showcases China’s most raw and exciting artistic talent, presenting new frontiers of artistic creation at their most vibrant and relevant. Formed of two parts which will run consecutively, the first part will present new work by two leading and widely admired Chinese artists, Chen Yingjie and Huang Yulong. Infusing the gallery space with the fizzing energy of a street scene, the vitality and potency of today’s urban counterculture will be given free rein. Both artists explore the raw colours of the streets, harnessing motifs and imagery from youth culture. The second part of the exhibition presents a group of artists from academia, together with the influences which have preceded them. In so doing, Ora-Ora asks whether artists must seek their learnings from patient education and knowledge of the past, or whether each generation must discover its muse afresh, drawing immediate inspiration from the contemporary world. This question poses a challenge to the gallery’s own mission statement of being “academically rigorous and philosophically minded.”


Thesis/Antithesis is Ora-Ora’s first major show of 2022. Part 1 will run from February 24 to April 10, with Part 2’s details to be announced shortly. 

Installation Views