19 August - 19 September 2020

Ora-Ora is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition "  ," of contemporary artist Szelit Cheung from August 19 to September 19, 2020.


The exhibition showcases Cheung’s ingenuity on the theme of “void”. In Zen Buddhism, it is believed that all things come from Śūnyatā (emptiness or voidness). For Cheung, “void” is not a concept, but something that can be understood through experience. His work explores the relationship between space, chiaroscuro, and hues through a minimal setting, reflecting on the interactions between one's self and environment.


"  ," features 14 works from different periods of the artist’s ongoing exploration of this theme. The exhibition is curated to provide a glance into the artist's studio, allowing the audience to accompany Cheung on his artistic journey. Through his delicate presentation, Cheung is able to provide new meaning to inconspicuous moments and objects, offering the audience another perspective to approaching their daily lives.

Installation Views