Taipei Dangdai

16 - 19 January 2020

While Juri Markkula’s techniques reflect an attempt to equalise the discrepancy between art and technology, his subject matter surrounds the notion of “surfaces”. By creating three-dimensional textures, he constructs a sensory and material experience for people, where they can imagine how the “surface” feels – an implementation of the concept phenomenology within art that considers the bodily and conscious experience of the viewer.


As Markkula notes: “To me, the colour is the surface, the interface to connect with spectators and induce emotions.”  At Ora-Ora’s booth for Taipei Dangdai, the audience will have their own personal dialogue with Markkula’s work, as they become subliminally captivated by these blues surfaces, with their gaze fixated to explore and wander meditatively from one angle to the other and their eyes reluctant to leave the surface. 


Please visit us at Booth D01 between 16-19 January, 2020 at Nangang Exhibiton Centre, Taipei.  

Installation Views