Horse - Huang Yongyu's "Zodiac Series" Exhibition

4 - 25 February 2014

Since ancient times, the "Horse" has been regarded highly in Chinese culture. Recognized for their contribution to society, the horse was not only a means of transportation, but an essential companion during wartime.  Soldiers predicted the probability of winning based on the condition of their horses.  Horses with spirit and fire in their eyes were seen as a favourable prophecy for the battle to come.  Possessing qualities of strength and vitality, the horse is often seen as a symbol for confidence, persistence and positivity. 


To celebrate the Year of the Horse, Galerie Ora-Ora is proud to present the latest sculpture of the animal zodiac series by renowned Chinese painting master Huang Yongyu. Huang portrays the horse in a herd of three, galloping side by side, swiftly with the wind. Not only is it a representation of energy and power, but at the same time, the herd of horses suggests the meaning of "countless", symbolizing a blessing of abundance, and wishing everyone endless happiness, health and fortune for the new year!