Volta NY 2018

7 - 11 March 2018

Swedish artist Erik Jeor unleashes images of turmoil, tempest, our planet mired in involuntary upheaval. Each painting carries a soundtrack of the earth, an imprint of the transference of seismic catastrophe, landslide, typhoon and hailstorm onto the page. Pinned to the wall, unframed, unconfined by glass, each watercolour is a billowing sail of sound. At Volta NY, the silent image will find its voice.


Feeling Erik Jeor’s paintings, we learn that silence as we understand it is one of our delusions. The sounds of the natural world before us merge with the noises of our bodies and emotions. The vibrations of the earth are felt and heard within our own bodies; the scars on the ground merge with wrinkles on our skin. By hearing the earth, we learn to hear ourselves: the pumping, channelling, inhaling, the missed beat, the closing eye, the opening pores, the slow exhale…

Installation Views